Appearance of a man and a woman

Writing and etymology in Korean
남자와 여자의 등장
[namjawa yeojaui deungjang]
男人와 女人의 出現
男人 (남자) [namja] – man
女人 (여자) [yeoja] – woman
出現 (등장) [deungjan] – appear

Heavenly Parent is an Essence that combines the traits of both men and women. Having these attributes, He could not be happy alone. He created the Universe as His object, with everything in the natural world taking the position of His object-partner in the image, and a human created in this environment became His object-partner in essence.

When God created people separately – man and woman, He had a specific purpose. Although He existed as an incorporeal Entity and was a harmonious Subject with dual characteristics, He needed to acquire a material form which He could relate to the material world. He needed not only the body of a man, but also the body of a woman, since He intended through their physical bodies to communicate with the world of substance and work in it. The fact is that the incorporeal God is limited in His actions in the material world.

So, if the first man and woman had served the Creator with all their hearts, become one, married upon achieving personal perfection, and had children, they would have become external and horizontal True Parents in substantial terms. In this case, they would be completely similar to the Creator both in internal content and in external form. If, having become like God, they became the True Parents of humanity, then all of humanity would live in full awareness of God within themselves.

God created for the sake of realizing true love. He wanted man and woman to achieve perfection and embody love in a close union.