Attitude towards learning

Writing and etymology in Korean
學習 (학습) [hagseub] – learning
態度 (태도) [taedo] – attitudae

How many hours a day do you devote to studying? Learning is like training. For example, in order to read well and fluently, we must learn to read and practice a lot. Also, we cannot become a connoisseur of music if we have heard only a couple of pieces. We need to devote many years to the study of music in order to understand it deeply and comprehensively. In the same way, you can’t just walk up to the pulpit and give an eloquent speech; this requires training. The same applies to your thinking, your attitude and behavior.

You should not learn mechanically, it is better to do it with the connection of a competitive spirit. Imagine you are standing at the start line before a sprint race. Be ready to rush forward on the shot of the starting pistol. Always remember that you are competing with all the students in the world. Often, victory or defeat is decided only by fractions of a second or a few centimeters.

Whatever part of the distance you cover, no matter how many hours of the race have passed since the start, victory is decided at the finish line, at the last second. That is why, in order to achieve victory, you need to devote tens of thousands of hours to training. And the one who works with joy, not through force, will be rewarded with the highest reward. If a person trained under pressure, then even after receiving an award, he immediately relaxes. But if a person does everything with joy, then having won an award, he continues training.

For example, you enter a university in order to master the chosen profession and do what you like. The deeper you dive into your studies, the faster you will get ahead of your fellow students. That’s why studying is best treated as an exciting hobby.