Basis for universal reconciliation

Writing and etymology in Korean
일반적인 화해의 기초
[ilbanjeog-in hwahaeui gicho]
一般的인 和解의 基礎
一般的 (일반적) [ilbanjeog] – universal
和解 (화해) [hwahaeui] – reconciliation
基礎 (기초) [gicho] – basis

At some point in life, every person wonders where happiness and peace originate. The main question is whether people whose souls and bodies are separated will be able to open their hearts to the teaching of peace and happiness in the Universe.

Human history is full of conflicts and wars. The most terrible war is between the soul and body of a person. There is no end in sight to this confrontation, and it only leads to death and destruction. We shoot our lives out of cannons. The confrontation between soul and body resulted in a confrontation between good and evil. The furious battle is still ongoing.

To find the path to peace, we must first uproot the sinful nature. Until we completely eradicate it, it is useless to sing hymns in praise of the ideal and call on those around us for reconciliation. History will continue to be full of intrigue, violence and turmoil.

The establishment of world peace should not be seen as a dream that cannot be achieved in the near future. Peace will come when we all manage to reconcile our soul and body. The wider the gap between a person’s soul and body, the fiercer the struggle and the stronger the pain.

A person sins against the unchanging God if, appearing before His face, he declares his inability to maintain constancy. A person sins against love if, neglecting an unchanging feeling, he chooses the path of temporary pleasure. We must lay in our hearts the foundation for universal reconciliation by reaching the original source – the unchangeable point at which we will perceive the joys and sorrows of God as our own. When this happens, freedom and happiness will illuminate our lives.

In striving for this ideal, we must establish complete control over our physical desires. We must learn to control the need for sleep and food, as well as the illicit sexual impulses. We also need to develop inner strength to unite the whole world. Together we will have to achieve reconciliation, this is our destiny.