Essence of human life

Writing and etymology in Korean
인간의 인생의 본질
[ingan-ui insaeng-ui bonjil]
人間의 人生의 本質
人間 (인간) [ingan] – human
人生 (인생) [insaeng] – life
本質 (본질) [bonjil] – essence

True life is a life in which we, giving up our own desires, live for the public good. This truth is taught by all major religious leaders, past and present, east and west, be it Jesus, Buddha or the Prophet Muhammad. This is such a well-known truth that it can seem like it is being discounted. However, neither the passage of time nor changes in the world can devalue it. Even when dramatic changes occur in the world, the essence of human life remains unchanged.

Just as love does not exist for ourselves, so happiness and peace do not exist for ourselves. Just as love cannot exist without a partner, happiness and peace cannot exist without a partner. All these things can only exist if there is a partner. Nothing can be achieved if we love alone. If we dream of a grand ideal, nothing can be done alone. Alone you can neither be happy nor talk about peace. All this means that there must be a partner, and he is more important than myself.