Money, power, knowledge

Writing and etymology in Korean
돈, 권력, 지식
[don, gwonlyeog, jisig]
錢, 權力, 知識
錢 (돈) - [don] money
權力 (권력) - [gwonlyeog] power
知識 (지식) - [jisig] knowledge

Regardless of their age, everyone is looking for something better in life. Everyone likes money, everyone wants power, everyone wants knowledge. It is common knowledge that every person on this earth is attracted to these three important things.

Why do people try to get more money? Why do people need power? Why seek knowledge? No matter how hard we try, we will never become the true master of these three things. No one living on earth can be their master, no one can claim their right to them. These things can only be in the hands of a person temporarily.

Human history is filled with the struggle for money. Very often, it was money that served as the cause of confrontation, struggle and battles. These battles took place both in the family, and in the nation, and in the world. It was the same with power: the division of power was the cause of the struggle in human society. The search for knowledge also turned into a struggle of arguments and logical evidence in favor of one theory or another.

Over time, people begin to understand that even if they have enough wealth to buy the whole world, this is nothing compared to their own happiness. The same goes for power, people strive for power, but suddenly they realize that it cannot be a source of happiness. And knowledge cannot bring solutions to the problems of the world in which we live.

We come into this world and leave it not of our own accord. We live, although we did not choose our life. We die, although it does not depend on us when this happens. We have no power over these aspects of our lives, and we cannot boast that we have something better than others. We cannot escape death and also own things that will forever be ours. Therefore, any praise from our side is pathetic.

Even if we occupy a position above others, this is all temporary. Even if we are richer than others, we will not be able to take anything with us. When we die, all the wealth and fame will become a soap bubble that will immediately burst. Money, power or knowledge – everything passes with time and everything disappears with age. No matter how great a person is, his life is miserable, because it ends when he loses his lifeline.