Our internal value

Writing and etymology in Korean
우리의 내적 가치
[urui naejok kachi]
我們의 內的 價值
我們 (우리) [uri] – we
內的 (내적) [naejok] – internal
價值 (가치) [kachi] – value

During our life on earth we must prepare for the day when we are born in our third life. Just as a baby must be healthy in the mother’s womb in order to be born in full health, a person must be spiritually whole during his life on earth so that he does not have problems in the heavenly world.

In order for life to be useful and bear fruit, it must pass through the summer period, absorbing the vital elements through the root, trunk and branches until it has accumulated sufficient strength to begin the next life.

Although the existing world is full of contradictions and is under the dominion of evil, our inner life force should not be affected by it. No matter how much time passes and no matter how strong the storm, this force must go through a path of constant development and become a seed that, with the arrival of spring, can be planted in the ground as a source of new life.

Even if we are not very strong physically, if we have the deepest and infinite vitality and inner value, which in the infinite spiritual world will become the fruit of our life on earth. Even if our outer shell deteriorates over time, we must, step by step, achieve unity with our original inner value.

Despite the splendor of the earthly world, there is nothing more valuable than the connection with the Shimjeon of the Heavenly Parent, our desire to realize this connection must become limitless.