Purpose of Creation

Writing and etymology in Korean
創 (창) [chang] – start
造 (조) [jo] – create
目 (목) [mog] – eye
的 (적) [jeog] – purpose

What purpose did the Creator pursue when creating a human being? The omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God did not want to live alone. He wanted a partner to arise who would reflect His image and whom He could love. This is how people arose. First, the Creator created the Universe as a habitat for people, and only after that He created man, destined to be the object of His absolute love.

God created us as His children. His wishes for us are limitless. Out of great love for people, He wants them to surpass even Himself in everything. Are there any parents who would not want their children to become better than themselves? This is the tradition of parental love given to us by Heavenly Parent.

God’s purpose for creation is to experience great joy as He watches His children grow and mature in the bosom of a true family, marry after His blessing, and bear true children who can create a perfect world on earth to live in forever. People were to become the embodiment of His true love, the successors of His true life and true race.

Alone, a person cannot know true love. To do this, he must have a relationship with another person. A man and woman cannot become parents until they have children. It is through the relationship between parents and children that we learn absolute values and parental love.

God also observes this principle. To become the absolute source of love, He needs people – His true children. He treats people with absolute love, regarding them as objects and partners of His love. Ultimately, the relationship between God as subject-partner and people as His object-partners will become absolute, and then unity and perfection will reign on Earth.