Purpose of marriage

Writing and etymology in Korean
결혼의 목적
[gyeolhon-ui mogjeog]
结婚의 目的
结婚 (결혼) [gyeolhon] – marriage
目的 (목적) [mogjeog] – purpose

For what purpose do we get married? We do this to create an ideal world and save humanity. It is necessary to understand that when two people become husband and wife, the wife standing next to her husband is both a daughter of God and a daughter of man. If a husband loves his wife in the way humanity and God love her, then he is worthy to be her husband. The same applies to women. For her, her husband is also God’s son and the representative of all men in the world.

In the relationship between spouses, the husband is the right leg, and the wife is the left leg. They must leave their mark on the world by living for humanity. In fact, we leave a mark on our family. But a person who has one right leg or one left leg is a lame invalid. If in a married couple, the wife supports the husband as God, and the husband respects and protects the wife as the earth, then in their embrace all the virtues of heaven, earth and the Universe will harmoniously merge together.