Role of education

Writing and etymology in Korean
교육의 역할
[gyoyug-ui yeoghal]
教育의 作用
教育 (교육) [gyoyug] – education
作用 (역할) [yeoghal] – role

Education is not just learning with the help of books from the podium. Our every word and deed is an education. Just as what we wear is a reflection of our character, so our body is a reflection of our mind.When our whole life is connected to the field of education, it can stimulate everyone.Strengthening the role of education in our own lives is the beginning of social development and a source of new hope for the world.

In meetings with people, we should encourage and inspire them. This motivates them to be determined to achieve good results tomorrow. This is how education is strengthened.

Education needs constant strengthening.This is why we must constantly invest in education, no matter what opposition or difficulties come our way.