Spiritual and physical

Writing and etymology in Korean
靈 (영) [yeong] – spiritual
肉 (육) [yug] – physical

The earth is the visible world. But what we see begins its existence from what we cannot see. Most people begin to believe in something only if they see it once, since we are resultant beings and are visible to each other. However, we have both visible and invisible components within us.

Which dimension is the most important: physical or spiritual? Where is the main energy of life generated: on the visible or invisible side? The invisible side is the main part of our life, and the visible side simply follows it. Invisible concepts go beyond visible things. Something invisible brings harmony to people’s relationships and allows them to love each other.

For example, even the reason for something as simple as walking is invisible. The body does not go in any direction on its own. At first the invisible soul decides to go and chooses a direction. When we smile, do we do it for no reason? Something motivates our smile; something invisible gives a signal, and the body then responds with a smile.

Our parents are visible parents, and God is our invisible Parent. We are born as the visible expression of the invisible image of God. We are the result, and God is the cause.

Why did God create people? He wanted to experience joy with us, not joy based on money, knowledge or power, but on love.