What does this society and country need in relation to true love?

Writing and etymology in Korean
참사랑의 관점에서 사회에 필요한 것은 무엇입니까?
[chamsarang-ui gwanjeom-eseo sahoee pil-yohan geos-eun mueos-ibnikka?]
眞愛의 觀點에서 社會에 必要한 것은 무엇입니까?
眞愛 (참사랑) [chamsarang] – true love
觀點 (관점) [gwanjeom] – viewpoint
社會 (사회) [sahoe] – society
必要 (필요) [pil-yo] – need

There are three requirements. First, we need parents. What is the next? We need teachers and education. Then what comes next? We need owners.

Teachers should be possessed of three hearts. First, the heart of parents; then, the heart of raising people to whom they can entrust their families eventually as their heirs; lastly, the heart of raising people who can be entrusted with the nation. Only then will the family, nation or any entity prosper.

It’s the same in the society and nation. The president is in the position of the parent, and the educators are the position of the teacher. What about companies or administrative offices? They have the relationship of owners and workers. Companies have owners, don’t they? This declining, chaotic world will survive if at least one of them appears.

If we meet a true owner, we can naturally meet a true teacher and true parent. We just have to meet one. If there is a true teacher, a true parent and true owner are there as well. Why? It is because God is such a person.