heaven (hanja character)

하늘 [haneul] (Native); 천 [chon] (Sino)
天 (hanja)

Comes from the Chinese character 天 (chon) and translates as heaven, sky.
The character 天 (chon) consists of 人 (in) – a person and 二 (i) – two. That is two people.


If we analyze the Chinese character for cheon (天), meaning heaven, it consists of the character for two (二) and the character for person (人). The character for in (仁), meaning virtue, also includes the characters for two (二) and for person (人). Two people. But what kind of people are they? They are people in whom heaven and earth can become completely one, both vertically and horizontally, by virtue of their perfect love. The fundamental basis for realizing the harmony of heaven and earth is love. It begins from love.

Cheon Seong Gyeong. Book 2. (186-60, 1989.1.29)