Who owns our genitals?

생식기의 주인은 누구인가요? [saengsiggiui ju-in-eun nugu-ingayo] (sino-korean)
生殖器의 主人은 누구가요? (hanja)


生殖器 (생식기) – genitals
主人 (주인) – owner
누구 – who

Both a man and a woman alone represent only half of a person. This is how the Heavenly Parent created us. For this reason, He changed the owners of the reproductive organs, the organs of love. The owner of the wife’s reproductive organs is the husband, and the owner of the husband’s organs is the wife. Only when husband and wife become one, guided by unselfish love for each other, can each assume the position of owner of his or her other half.

No matter who a man is, he can become a perfect being rather than a half, securing his position as master in the marriage.

A woman thinks that her sex organ belongs to her personally, but in fact it does not belong to her. A man cannot achieve perfection in love without his wife’s genitals. Likewise, a woman cannot keep her love forever if she does not have her husband’s sex organ to give her love.

As long as men and women treat their genitals as personal property, they cannot embody eternal love. They must exchange their genitals. The owner of a man’s genitals is his wife, and the owner of a woman’s genitals is her husband.

When all men and women recognize that their genitals belong to their spouses and not to themselves, they will respectfully bow their heads and become humble as they receive their spouses’ love. Love only comes to us from our partner.

The husband holds the key to his wife’s holy place, and the wife holds the key to her husband’s holy place. No one can get there without the key, which can only be obtained in marriage. If a man uses his genitals haphazardly, like a blind man who has lost his direction, he goes to hell.

The genitals are the royal palace of love, where eternal life is born and the inheritance of the lineage takes place, and with it the tradition of Heaven, which is unchanging forever. It is the royal palace of true life, true love and true lineage, the most precious place. It cannot be treated as one pleases. No one may touch your palace except your husband or wife.