About the Project

We adhere to the theory of creationism, which states that humanity is not the source, but the result of the process of creation. Each culture in its own way calls the root cause of man and the Universe. We see that the most accurate name is the Heavenly Parent.

At a certain historical stage humanity receives a new portion of spiritual teaching, which helps to move to the next stage of growth and development. Humanity needs a transformation of consciousness, it seeks to master time and space and gain new knowledge to solve global problems and preserve life as such. These aspirations and desires are vividly reflected in the movies “Arrival” and “Interstellar”.

In the movie “Arrival” aliens brought a gift to the humanity – a Language, which changed thinking and united human civilization, which was in stagnation. As a result, humanity open the ability to unite, end wars and live at peace with each other.

The “Interstellar” movie shows how the study of new knowledge opened up new opportunities for humanity. The desire to save the world and the love of a father for his daughter helped through communication from another dimension to find a technological solution to the problem of humanity and thereby save it.

Although it is a fiction movie genre, but it is science fiction. It means that the transformation of the consciousness of mankind and the opening of new opportunities for people is achievable through the study and practice of the Word. Through the movies Heavens often gives insights and understanding of what has already been given.

We believe that God, the Heavenly Parent, at certain stages of history revealed to mankind ever deeper aspects of the Truth by sending spiritual teachers. In our time, such a message of the Word was brought to people by Teacher Sun Myung Moon.

We propose to dive into the multilevel cognitive process and not just read materials translated into our native language, we propose a format that will stimulate the study of Korean (original) words together with Hanja designation (characters), that conveying the most complete meaning through the logogram.

This will give you the opportunity to discover a new dimension inside yourself (the ability to see the future, present, past, discover new paradigms, new technologies). Then humanity will find an opportunity to end wars and conflicts and unite with each other. Science fiction will become a reality. This will happen not far off. Starting with us, it can be completed in 100-120 years.