About the Project

We adhere to the theory of creationism, which states that humanity is not the source, but the result of the process of creation. Each culture in its own way calls the root cause of man and the Universe. We see that the most accurate name is the Heavenly Parent.

Here we present you a resource for studying and practicing the “Exposition of the Principle”, which is a teaching that entered our world through the famous Korean spiritual teacher Sun Myung Moon. According to modern scientists, the message of “Exposition of the Principle” is still quite young and there is still no single opinion on the classification of this teaching in the scientific world. Religious leaders cannot agree on whether it is a religion or not. All this controversy is understandable, since the “Exposition of the Principle” as a teaching is scientific, but it is deeply spiritual at the same time.

At a certain historical stage humanity receives a new portion of spiritual teaching, which helps to move to the next stage of growth and development. Humanity needs a transformation of consciousness, it seeks to master time and space and gain new knowledge to solve global problems and preserve life as such. These aspirations and desires are vividly reflected in the movies “Arrival” and “Interstellar”.

In the movie “Arrival” aliens brought a gift to the humanity – a Language, which changed thinking and united human civilization, which was in stagnation. As a result, humanity open the ability to unite, end wars and live at peace with each other.

The “Interstellar” movie shows how the study of new knowledge opened up new opportunities for humanity. The desire to save the world and the love of a father for his daughter helped through communication from another dimension to find a technological solution to the problem of humanity and thereby save it.

Although it is a fiction movie genre, but it is science fiction. It means that the transformation of the consciousness of mankind and the opening of new opportunities for people is achievable through the study and practice of the Word. Through the movies Heavens often gives insights and understanding of what has already been given.

We believe that God, the Heavenly Parent, at certain stages of history revealed to mankind ever deeper aspects of the Truth by sending spiritual teachers. In our time, such a message of the Word was brought to people by Teacher Moon.
This resource was created for all those who researching and practicing the Word, who want to change their concepts and thinking centered on the Word.

We propose to dive into the multilevel cognitive process and not just read materials translated into our native language, we propose a format that will stimulate the study of Korean (original) words together with Hanja designation (hieroglyphs), that conveying the most complete meaning through the logogram. The project is aimed at the Ukrainian-speaking, Russian-speaking and English-speaking audiences, so that one can collectively get involved in the studying, researching and practicing of the “Principle”, and rise to a new level of thinking and consciousness.

This will give you the opportunity to discover a new dimension inside yourself (the ability to see the future, present, past, discover new paradigms, new technologies). Then humanity will find an opportunity to end wars and conflicts and unite with each other. Science fiction will become a reality. This will happen not far off. Starting with us, it can be completed in 100-120 years.

But this will not happen by itself; efforts are needed. Understanding is the beginning of the process of cognition; without the knowledge and emotions, the will to act does not appear. Let’s start by reading. After all, reading is the process of working with a text to extract information from it. And for a better and multifaceted assimilation of information, the text of the “Principle” is presented in a convenient form.

Here you can find the original Korean text in which the fundamental concepts of the “Principle” can be explored in detail. There are also quotes from the famous speeches of the Teacher. You cannot only read it, but also you can discover a deep meaning of these words in the meditation.

What is the Principle?

When we talk about the “Principle” we mean the fundamental law in the Universe, the reality from which everything originates.

The Principle can be found in all areas of science and human life.

For example, the principle of growth, which is mentioned in the “Exposition of the Principle”, we find in biology (if someone planted a seed, it is impossible that in the morning there will be a big tree with ripe apples). Everything needs a period of time to grow and develop. That is why the communist theory of permanent revolutions and instantaneous changes, violating this statement of the Principle, has shown its inconsistency. And for sure, any critically thinking person, understanding the principle of growth, will be able to adequately estimate the phrase “Today you appoint me to this position, and tomorrow you will see how everything has changed and working well.”

The principle of relationships. Its action can be seen in sociology, psychology (as a subject-object relationship, or the relationship of giving and taking), physics (3rd Newton’s Law).

Do we need any religious beliefs to believe in our parents as our parents? No. The Principle will help to restore our lost relationship with our Heavenly Parent.

“Exposition of the Principle”

Corresponds to the logic
It corresponds to the rational logic and the logic of relations. Rational logic is more developed in the West. It means that I make those actions which is logical and understandable for me. In the East, however, a special place is occupied by relationships and hierarchy. For example, if I do not fully understand the meaning of what my parents ask me to do, I can still accept it, because I respect and trust my parents.

Corresponds to experience
Usually people tend to think like this: “I have not seen this in my life, so it is not true.”

Scientifically reliable
What science says must be confirmed by religious doctrines and vice versa. God is a God of law and order. He cannot violate the laws created by Him.

Corresponds to the main scriptures of the world’s spiritual teachings
Comparison of the sacred texts of the world’s leading teachings leads to the fact that 80% of the teachings are identical in their ideas and values (the existence of the root cause, the fall of man, the principles of morality, etc.). The main reason for this is that the teachings appeared at the will of the Creator, Who put the same ideas into them.

Corresponds to intuition
Our intuition and feelings can tell us what the truth is.

Possesses the internal consistency
The Teaching “Exposition of the Principle” is holistic and consistent in its explanation. One statement follows from another.