Writing and etymology in Korean
人 (인) [in] - person
格 (격) [gyeok] - status

A person is a unique and unrepeatable individual with intelligence, emotion, and will. The Heavenly Parent is also a Person and has the same properties. He shares with us all our thoughts, ideals and desires.

We have a will, a worldview, and a desire to defend our views. When these three elements are united in a person, he is called a whole person. A whole person is a conscientious and conscious person whose body acts according to the command of the soul. Such a person’s soul can keep the body under control.

Every person has the capacity to improve his or her personality. The person always acts with a clear impulse, an understanding of direction and purpose.

In the sphere of love, the greatest will be the one who gives the most love. A great personality lives for the good of others.

We must become great personalities, capable of developing our love, taking it to a global level on earth and then returning to the embrace of the love of the Heavenly Parent.