Writing and etymology in Korean

의 [ui]- (sino-korean)

There are three components to the character for 意 (will): 立 (standing), 音 (proclamation) and 心 (heart). So when you write the word for “will”, you mean proclaiming the word of your heart. “Will” means taking a stand.

As precious as will and purpose are, what is it worth without fulfillment?

A man cannot claim to possess high personal qualities if his will often changes through difficult circumstances.

Each of us finds his own place in life. Since we choose it of our free will, we cannot complain.

There is no way we can remain mere observers in our own lives. No matter what others do, we must follow the path of goodness of our own free will.

Passion and iron will, as well as patience and endurance, are characteristics that Heavenly Parent wants to see in us.