변화 [pyeonghwa] (sino-korean)
變化 (hanja)


變 (변) – change
化 (화) – to become

We need to change from an ambiguous and vague way of life to one that is concrete and clear. We need to realize that a person can’t just change like that. Inborn traits are very hard to change.

Even one bad deed or bad word we hear can destroy us. On the other hand, a single right and kind expression, spoken at the right moment, can make a huge difference in our lives. If one hears the right things at the right time, he can make a decision that will lead to success. One right and timely action can bring real success.

As long as we complain and grieve about our problem while sitting idly, nothing will change. It is necessary to make the effort over and over again each day.

When a person’s attitude changes, and he opens his heart to accept something new, it entails a change in ideology and worldview. Even his outward appearance is transformed. If we can look at things with a fresh and renewed eye, new possibilities will open before us.

If we want to change, we need to make revolutionary changes in our personality and rise to countless levels: to become a respectful child, then a devoted citizen, a saint and a son or daughter of God.

If we feel an aversion to our wrong past character and way of life, we can say that we have changed.

We must change for the better and purify our souls. To get closer to the ideal, our character must change radically. The people who have changed their character to fit the way of Heaven are the true people Heavenly Parent has dreamed of for so long.

By going in the direction opposite to the world of evil, we change our personalities, and then pull forward, with us, all other people. To change this world, we need to be stronger than it.

Now is the time for change, and at the center of that change is the family. What will this change be based on? Based on the philosophy and love of the Heavenly Parent.