Writing and etymology in Korean
努 (노) – strive, to make an effort
力 (력) – strength

To reach the object of your sincere aspirations, we must possess a unitary soul and make sincere efforts with an unchanging attitude from beginning to end. “Acting with the utmost sincerity” means acting with all effort, both internal and external, both spiritual and heartfelt. Your words and actions, your soul and your efforts, all must become unified.

Time and effort are important elements in determining success or failure at the turning point. If we make an effort and overcome limitations to achieve something, the result is bound to be felt. This is the law of the universe.

When you make an effort, don’t grumble or complain. Remain silent, calm down, and simply give. Your silence will mean that you are the master here. The result will depend on the amount of effort you put in.

Even if you fail to do good because of your environment, it is not a failure. Don’t be sorry, even if your sincere efforts don’t bear fruit. They will surely bear fruit elsewhere.

A mature person will make an effort to find some sweetness in the most bitter things. In this way, he will know their real taste. Our life is arranged so that it moves up and down, going through certain cycles. This is why sweet things can be bitter at times, and bitter things can give off a certain sweetness.

Every task requires sincerity and commitment, not just for a day or two. The contribution must be constant. If a knife is used once and not touched again, it will rust. The same goes for sincerity with purpose. We need to put in the effort every day with the thought that we are thereby sharpening our dagger. No matter how difficult our task may be, if we continuously make an effort, we will reach mystical heights.

After you reach the top, you will probably want to relax, and if you stop making an effort, you will start to go downhill. If that happens, you can’t avoid going downhill. But to reach the next level, you have to put even more effort into the descent. The more effort you put on the descent, the faster you’ll climb the next time.