Writing and etymology in Korean
田 – field
心 – heart

Nothing happens where there is no thought. All of us have all kinds of thoughts that are wandering around in our heads. We think about all sorts of things!

There are two basic types of people in the world: those who think and act unselfishly for the highest good, and those who think and act for their own benefit. Most people do not want to think about the world and act for the good of the world. They prefer to think about themselves and act from self-centered motives. What type of person are you? Which of these people would you like to be friends with?

Can you easily give up the wrong thoughts to embody the standard of goodness? Is it difficult or easy? Difficult, how difficult it is!

If we look inside ourselves, we can see that our soul is always seeking to guide us to have good thoughts and to move towards the direction of goodness. It tells us, “Let your heart be loving and caring toward others. Live for others.” That is the way of goodness. With this mindset, you can become a beautiful man or a beautiful woman.

If among a hundred people everyone thinks only of themselves, you must have more than a hundred thoughts in your head for the common good. Always remember that you are surrounded by other people. The unselfish person with a social mindset will achieve prosperity because he is a reflection of the Heavenly Parent. The selfish person, on the other hand, will fail.

Your words, thoughts and deeds, your soul and your efforts must all become one. Only then will you be protected, and only then will people testify in your favor and call you a public person.

We need to cleanse our souls. We must eradicate all the bad thoughts that come into our minds and set our minds to help the common good.