Writing and etymology in Korean
조 [cho] (sino-korean)

Helping and caring for others is a fundamental ethic of human life. The essence of love is to live for others, not to expect others to serve and help. This is why religions teach living for the good of others–to be humble, to serve and to sacrifice.

What must you do for others if you want them to help you? Who should start helping first – you or them? After all, there is a saying – if you want other people to help you, you must help them first, right? The main rule is that you have to help first. It’s bad to be indebted to other people.

What is a life of true love? The essence of love is to live for others, not to expect others to serve and help. Live for others without expecting others to be the first to do anything for you. To live for others is to give and forget what you have given. You cannot give something in the hope of getting something in return. You must give and give, regretting only that you cannot give more. Even when you give, do so humbly and with humility.

Become self-sufficient so that you can also help others. No matter how difficult the circumstances may be, add something good to your daily life. Contribute step by step.

You will only continue to thrive if you change your outlook on life and learn to give back. Then the Universe will help you as you live harmonizing with the principle of creation. But if you are only taking, your life will be shortened.

When you help others, don’t think that you are giving something from your own pocket. As you give, think of it as coming to you from the treasury of Heaven. Man, whom you help, will feel your mood and will understand that he receives help directly from the Heavenly Parent. And then He will remember you and give you back ten times more.

The best way to help people is to share generously with them, even if you yourself are in need.