Writing and etymology in Korean
規 (규) – law, rule
則 (칙) – law, rule, regulation

To correct bad habits, we have to go through a process defined by numerous laws and rules. Heavenly principles are established through the observance of due order.

Rules are important. A car will reach its destination safely only if the driver abides the rules of the road, keeps his eyes on the wheel, and does not fall asleep while driving; in the same way, it is our responsibility to follow the instructions of the conscience given to us by Heaven. Then our soul and body will unite, and man will attain perfection like a flower that blooms and bears fruit.

The relationship between student and teacher is also subject to certain rules; there are rules for teachers and rules for students. Similarly, in society, there are laws that everyone must abide by.

Organizations cannot exist outside the established rules. It is the rules that govern the life of any organization.

Families must establish family traditions and a code of conduct. If a person believes that “all these rules are not for me!” he cannot be considered a member of that family!

Many people live as they wish and say whatever they wish. However, we need to set some rules in our families. It is no good if parents get angry with their children and hit them with a stick and call them with vulgar words that we often hear in the street. Renew yourself by making the Heavenly Parent your center: start with your language, your attitude, and your life itself.

We need to be clear for ourselves how an individual should live and how family life should flow. We must live according to specific ideas and rules.