Writing and etymology in Korean
良 (양) [yang] – to be good, form of 량 (“good”)
心 (심) [shim] – heart

The Heavenly Parent created humans as His children, seeing in them the future owners of creation. To this purpose He gave us conscience, the highest and greatest gift in the world. This special gift is to be our compass, showing us the way in life on earth.
What is conscience? It is our inner self, derived from the Heavenly Parent, which embodies vertical true love, and which reflects Him. This is why we call conscience direct.

Your conscience knows and remembers not only your every deed, but also your every thought. It is constantly watching over you. Our conscience knows our every word, thought, and deed before our parents, teachers, or even God Himself. God has given our conscience the ability to guide and direct our lives.

If you have something bad in mind, there is no way it will say, “Go ahead and do it soon!” On the contrary, if you are going to do something wrong, it is going to say: “Don’t do it, you rascal!” So, you must obey your conscience unquestioningly. Once you get into the habit of doing this, you and your conscience will have an ongoing dialogue.

Within each of us during our lives is the best teacher. Often, however, we ignore it, insult it, and try to suppress it. That teacher is none other than our conscience. It is always reaching out to us, trying to help to connect us with true love. Like our parents, it encourages us to become better and more unselfish and to act according to God’s desires. Conscience teaches you to take your example from God, from saints, from patriots and respectful children. It commands you to become like them.

The basis of our conscience is good. If we deviate from the good, our conscience tries to help us correct ourselves. Our conscience rests on our understanding of the good. Consequently, the world community needs a moral law because its members need to establish a social order that conforms to an untainted conscience. Ultimately, human morality is rooted in Heavenly law.

Our conscience must be as pure and transparent as crystal. We need to become people capable of hearing the voice of our conscience.