Writing and etymology in Korean
예 [е] (sino-korean)

Is there a one person in the world who is an example of absolute and perfect righteousness that will never change forever? Who can boast of his righteousness before heaven and earth? There is no such person. For what purpose did God send saints and prophets to earth? That they might teach people true love by example of their character and exemplary life.

We need to become model parents, model spouses, model children and model brothers or sisters. If we have such a family, people in the neighborhood will say, “We have to follow that person. I want to live near him.” Such a person and such a family will surely be remembered forever.

To teach children anything, parents must first be an example for them. Before we can teach our children to be respectful, we must become respectful children ourselves.

We must set an example of an exemplary family and raise our children accordingly. Children are living witnesses to the spiritual and physical life of their parents.

Parents are role models for children, but this involves more than just teaching by example. Through our love, we lay the emotional foundation for children to live for their family, their community and their country. We must pass on our heartfelt sensitivity to our children and posterity.

People who live for the common good must be an example in everything: in their work, in their speech and in their behavior. Then others will respect them and naturally recognize their seniority.

We need to create a pattern of economic and cultural organization with Shimjeong (Heart) at its core. Then we need to have our activities endorsed by society throughout the world. This is the only way to create a perfect world.