Writing and etymology in Korean
絶 (절) [jeol] – end
對 (대) [dae] – to answer, to reply

The Creator is a Being absolute, unique, eternal, unchanging, so His defined purpose for the world of creation must be the same.

To understand ourselves and make sense of ourselves, we need a standard against which to evaluate and judge ourselves. When we build a relationship with the Heavenly Parent, we can evaluate ourselves in comparison to Him and understand who and what we are. Thus, we need to deeply feel that there is a God.

In defining human values, we cannot be limited to relative criteria alone. If we rely on them alone, the conflicts and struggles caused by different approaches to values will continue. To unify all human values, it is necessary to develop a common absolute criterion that rises above the barriers of differences in religion, culture, ideology, nationality, etc.

The Heavenly Parent wants the world in which we live to be perfectly happy and peaceful – as He created it in the beginning.

People must be guided by absolute values for fruitful cooperation in all aspects of life. When these values – absolute truth, absolute goodness, and absolute beauty – are affirmed, then, by understanding their essence and putting them into practice, people will initiate a spiritual revolution. And then the chaos of the modern world will gradually begin to wane.

Live a decent life, being a good absolute example for your parents, spouses, and children.