Absolute sex and free sex

Writing and etymology in Korean
절대성애와 자유성애
[jeoldaeseong-aewa jayuseong-ae]
性愛 (섹스) – sex
絶對 (절대성) – ablsolute
自由 (자유) – free

In the animal world, sex exists only for reproduction. Humans, on the other hand, are different in that they are completely free to give each other sexual love as part of a marital relationship. This is the privilege of human, the ruler of creation. The Heavenly Parent has granted His children the right to enjoy love indefinitely. However, this God-given freedom comes with responsibilities.

In families, husbands and wives, parents and children quarrel. This inevitably leads to a world where people seek joy in free sex, which degenerates all elevated feelings.

Can we call free sex or “one-night stands” true love? These kinds of antics have nothing to do with original love.

Because of the proliferation of free sex, it is becoming more and more difficult to create perfect families, and the numbers of broken families are increasing day by day. Thus, most people have no family at all! Such people have no eternal partners in love.

That is why we need absolute sex, that is, absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal sexual relationships, as a counterbalance to the current free sex. How sublime and precious these four concepts are!

Absolute sex has God as its center, and the center of free sex is the human ego.

What is absolute sex? When you marry, you join your other half forever. You form an absolute love relationship that will never change under any circumstances. This is a Heavenly principle that all men and women must abide by. Free sex, on the other hand, is a vicious and immoral tendency that must be eradicated.

Absolute sex is a tradition of true love that can influence the true world and a nation. An intimate relationship includes everything to do for the harmony of love with one’s spouse. Husband and wife must always trust each other and nurture their love.