Parents and children

Writing and etymology in Korean
부모와 자녀
[pumowa janyeo]
父母와 子女
父母 (부모) [pumo] – parents
子女 (자녀) [janyeo] – children

According to universal law, energy occurs when subject and object become one. In the family, parents play the main role, and children occupy a subordinate position in relation to them. Parents and children are bound by bonds of love, through which they become one – a true family.

The union of parents and children becomes a new object that can connect with a larger entity. If the subject of the family is God, then He Himself becomes a participant in the relationship between parents and children. It can also be said that by creating a perfect subject-object relationship in an atmosphere of ideal True love, God and humanity will become one. When the world of love in the relationship between the Creator and humanity becomes a reality, the light of love will shine over the Universe like a bright and unquenchable sun.

Each person is a living link connecting the lives of his parents and lives with them in love. We are connected with the love of our parents. Moreover, we are connected with their ideals.

People are connected with their parents by bonds of family, love and ideals, which he cannot break and which neither God, nor the Universe, nor man himself can break. In fact, these bonds are protected by all the forces of the Universe. This happens because parents are the cause and children are the effect. Parents and children are united through love. The substantial sphere of love arises in the unity of cause and effect. This is the law of the Universe.