Writing and etymology in Korean
天 (천) [chon] – heaven, sky
主 (주) [ju] – king, master

From a dialectal pronunciation of 하느님 (haneunim, “God”) which became popularized because of a folk etymology connecting it to 하나 (hana), and thus to the Christian concept of monotheism.

What or who is the original source of all that is in the world? It is God – the Heavenly Parent, the One Essence, unique, eternal, unchanging and absolute.

Who is the one true being in heaven and earth? The Absolute Essence. In Korean, He is called the One, the Master, and the Lord, abbreviated as “One Lord” (하나님 – Hananim), that is, God.

God is not an abstract, but a very real Essence, always laboring behind the scenes of history. He is the Subject of love, who has worked through the saints, the righteous, and the spiritual leaders of every era. He works to fulfill His plan of creating a world of moral values, a world where love is the norm of life.

God has always existed. He was there before we were born and before we first thought of Him.

God is called by many different names, and yet, no matter how many names He has, there is only one God, not several. Since there is only one original source, there can only be one God.

Where does God live? He does not live in heaven, but in the center of our heart.

God is not just a concept. God is a Person. Because He is a Person, He has emotions, intellect and will. Because of this, we can communicate with God. He is present in each of our lives and we can feel His touch.