Heavenly Father

Writing and etymology in Korean
하나님 아버지
[hananim abeoji]
天 (천) — heaven
父 (부) — father

God is the Origin, our Heavenly Father. He created humans in His image, which means that the Father is just as similar to us as we are to the Father. So, when you are asked what God looks like, answer boldly, “He looks like someone like me.” And that will be the most accurate answer.

What is He the Heavenly Parent like? He had to go through the most tragic journey in all history. His tragedies were more terrible than ours, human tragedies. Watching His children suffer grief, anguish and despair, He did not say, “You deserved it.” Our Father worked to save His children who were killed by grief, willingly enduring more grief; He saved His children who groaned in pain, going where it would hurt even more. He would not hesitate even to die to save His children, who were about to die.

Imagine that our Father is a living God who watches us closely from birth to death. He foresees both our life in the eternal spiritual world and our present life on earth. What do you think He sees when He looks at us with His spiritual sight?

When we forget to eat and sleep, longing for our Heavenly Father and crying out to Him, “O Father!” He is holding our hand, even though we do not see Him. We call out to Him, “Father!” — and Heavenly Father holds us to His breast. Such experiences in the life of faith are priceless. Even before you say, “Please be with me in my affairs!” a loving God will be with you. As you experience it, you will realize that God is good and merciful.

God’s purpose for creation was to create a perfect family where God lived together with people. Although people have committed sin, deep down they dream of the day when God the Father will lead the one family of humanity, the family of God of which they will be members. We want to honor God as our eternal Father, become members of His family, and live forever with Him. This is our hope, our ideal, our life and our joy. This is what will be the fulfillment of God’s long-awaited dream.

Although we believe that God is our Heavenly Father, we must try to bring closer the day when He will be able to trust us one hundred percent.

God the Father and humanity, His children, were to form a vertical axis; that was the purpose of creation. If this axis were the perfect connection, that is, if a relationship were formed that united men and God in the bond of true love, God and men would be inseparable, and nothing in the universe could separate them. How could anyone ever break away from God’s true love once he had been united with it and tasted it?

Why did God create the universe? The reason is that He wanted to build a loving relationship with His children by becoming a Father to them. In fact, the father-child relationship is the foundation of the universe.