Writing and etymology in Korean
宇 (우) [u] – whole world, universe, house
宙 (주) [ju] – infinite time

The universe is surrounded by mystery. Its size reaches twenty-one billion light years. The creation of the universe was not instantaneous: its conception and development took a long time. Scientists say that the age of the Earth is estimated at several thousand million years.

The universe didn’t appear because it wanted to. It only appeared because of some source of force, an Essence in action, that caused and propelled it to come into existence. We call this Essence God. However, because of the existence of different peoples and languages, this Essence also has different names. This in itself is not a problem. The main thing is that the universe has a center.

Even the smallest grain of sand is subject to the principles of creation, and even in a speck of dust floating through the air you can see the harmony of the universe. Everything around us was created as a result of the interaction of forces so complex that we cannot even imagine them. All these forces are closely interconnected. And nothing in the universe can originate outside of God’s heart. Even in the fluttering of a tiny leaf, you can hear the Universe breathing.

What is the purpose of the universe, and what is its center? Human. Human is the masterpiece among all creations in the universe. How great and beautiful this masterpiece is! He was created as the center of the creation world, and so, united with God, man becomes the center of the universe.

The highest purpose of the Universe, with man at its center, is to bring joy back to God.


The two Chinese characters woo (宇) and joo (宙) in the word woojoo (universe) each mean “house.” The universe is a home. The first and second characters are both “house.” We love our home and our children. Where do such philosophy and tradition manifest? Not in the nation but in the family. The family represents the universal family, and its sons and daughters are the ancestors of countless generations. This is the original standard of creation. God created all things in order to express His love for Adam and Eve. After God created Adam and Eve, God and His children were to love all things of creation, which are sacrificed for humankind.

Cheon Seong Gyeong. Book 6. (300-266, 1999.03.24)