Writing and etymology in Korean
天 (cheon) – heaven, sky
宙 (ju) – infinite time, open space

The word cheonju (天宙) means the unified union of heaven and earth (spiritual and material world). It consists of two characters. The first is “cheon” (天) “heaven,” which is a combination of the characters for “two” (二) and “people” (人). Next is the character “ju” (宙), meaning “home, safe haven”; it is also found in the word “Universe” (“uju”). The part of the character 宙 “u” (由), means freedom and peace, and the character “supreme bond” ( 宀) means “cozy”. Since the character (天宙) includes the element “home” (宙), it refers to a house where two people (husband and wife) can live freely. If you put everything together, it means that Cheonju is a house where two people represent heaven and earth and live forever in freedom and peace. Cheonju is God’s eternal home for the individual, the family, the nation, the country, and the Universe.

The worldview of Cheonju rests on the unity of heaven and earth and proclaims that sons and daughters become spouses and create families in union with God.

To relate to Cheonju, a family is necessary. If you have not achieved unity in the family, you will not be connected in any way to the ideology of the Cheonju level.

Cheonju means a family centered on Heaven-a family that is accompanied by Heavenly good fortune. The Creator is connected to such a family. They connect at right angles, forming a central point of resonance.

In the worldview based on Cheonju, dominion belongs not to individuals, but to families. Nations and the world are not shaped by individuals, but by families. A country will perish if its families fail.

We use the word “Cheonju” to describe the unity of the spiritual world (heaven) and the physical universe (earth). True love is the only thing that can unite heaven and earth, and help families reach the ideal state that promotes unity. True love is something we need vitally, whether we live on earth or have found eternal life in the spiritual world. True love is not only enjoyed by people on earth and in the spirit world, but by all creation. This is why people who have true love are attracted even to animals and plants. Everyone wants to live together with such people and be in their power. The true man and woman who live in true love are the most precious creatures in the world.