Writing and etymology in Korean

가 [ga] (sino-korean)

Among the many oriental sayings of wisdom, “Peace in the home is success in everything.” Those are beautiful words indeed! The center of the home is, of course, the people. Four generations headed by grandparents live in complete harmony in all directions – north, south, east and west, front and back, right and left, up and down. In addition to all this, there is the house itself, and the yard – a suitable environment, the universe in miniature.

If a family lives in a nice house located in a pleasant area, it does not mean that the family is good. Conversely, if the environment is bad and the house is miserable, but the family is a refuge for its members, when they want to relate to all their circumstances and their life path andwant to make it the standard for everything in their lives, that is a good family. It is where the heart of parents and children resides, caring for one another. It is the home of memories and the driving impulse of life. That is why the family is the foundation upon which the happiness of our lives rests.

If a home is always ready to welcome guests, such a home will be blessed. The more people you invite into your home where they can eat and sleep, the more blessings will descend on your family; it doesn’t matter whether you house guests in the living room or in the attic. There will be a time when families will compete in hospitality. Families will want to make themselves known for their hospitality to their neighbors, to the people of their town, their country, and even to foreigners. People are hospitable not because they live in material wealth. They are hospitable because of affluence in terms of heart and love. When you receive guests, you feel joy, even if you have nothing but a stale crust of bread.