Writing and etymology in Korean
精 (정) [seong] – to achieve
誠 (성) [gong] – effort, labor

Consists of the characters 成 [seong] – to achieve and 功 [gon] – effort, labor.

Effort always presupposes a goal, and a goal is unattainable without sincerity (100% contribution). Sincerity helps to establish a relationship between “me and the goal.”

It is also difficult to bring results alone, so you need a team, which cannot be built without honesty. Honesty helps establish a relationship with other people – “me and people.”

And a team needs resources (time, money, equipment) that are important to use carefully and correctly. Frugality is the right attitude to resources and to the foundation of those who have worked before us.

Therefore, sincerity, honesty and frugality are the three components of success.