Writing and etymology in Korean

전 [cheon] (sino-korean)

To succeed in life, we need money. No one will give it to us, we have to earn it with our own labor. We have to create our own foundation; no one will do it for us. A man, before he is thirty, must learn to be self-sufficient and train himself.

Money is a consequence. And still people worry about money without trying to look deeper and ask about the root cause. Why do we need money? We don’t just need it to provide for life. It is to connect us to the purpose of the root cause and to the whole world. However, people don’t even think about it. We need to use money to serve our parents, to share with brothers and sisters and all relatives, and to benefit the country and the world. That is the Universal Law.

Money can get nasty and dangerous. They can be dirtier than feces. People do not become evil and vicious by getting dirty in feces, but the abuse of money makes people immoral, worse than shit.

When we dispose of public funds, we need to be meticulous. We must feel that if we embezzle even a penny, it will hurt us more than if they cut off an arm or a leg. If people are careless with public money, they will inevitably die.

Money is a means to do something, not a goal in itself. Before you earn it, plan for what you would like to spend it on. Money earned without a specific purpose will go to waste quickly.

Even if you lose everything you had, but still have relationships with people, it will all come back to you. We can lose money, but we can gain it back through people. However, if we cut our ties with people, we lose everything.

If money is not used for the good of humanity or to help others, it is no more valuable than a piece of paper. Money should be used with love for the world and spent on things that will benefit the world.

To handle money properly, a person must first develop their personality, become a master of his word, combining his words and actions, thoughts and deeds.