Brothers and sisters

Writing and etymology in Korean
형제와 자매
[hyeongchewa chamae]
兄 (오빠 for sister, 형 for brother) – older brother
弟 (남동생) – younger brother
姊 (언니 for sister, 누나 for brother) for older sister
妹 (여동생) – younger sister

Only love between siblings can go beyond family love. This is precisely what we call brotherly love for all mankind. Sibling’s love should cherish the memories of growing up under their parents’ wings; the center of their relationship should be their parents.

Our brothers and sisters represent all the people in the world. As we surround our siblings in our family with love, we learn to love our fellow human beings and all of humanity. Love between siblings is when you are willing to volunteer to go hungry if you need your brother or sister to eat. A global leader is one who loves all of humanity as members of his own family.

You can’t call people brothers if, before they come together, they are already rushing off in different directions. Brothers long to be together for thousands and tens of thousands of years, and they don’t get tired of it. If your brother’s problems seem less serious than your own, you and your brother will one day estrange yourselves from one another.

Because God is a Father to all mankind, all people are brothers and sisters to one another in one big family. Although people have different skin colors and life circumstances, they are brothers and sisters who are connected by blood ties.

Your neighbors are people from all over the world. You should not treat the people around you simply as neighbors: think of them as your brothers and sisters.