Global leader

Writing and etymology in Korean
세계적 지도자
[segyejeog jidoja]
世界的 指導者
世界的 세계적 [segyejeog ] – global
指導者 지도자 [jidoja] – leader

A wise man is the one who can be the first to grasp the arrival of a global time, a time of hope. A wise man is the one who learns about it before anyone else, critically analyzes that knowledge, absorbs and takes on the responsibility to incorporate, and puts it into practice.

People are eager to learn a foreign language professionally to become global leaders. However, fluency in foreign language is not enough to become a global leader. The ability to speak foreign language is only an instrument, a kind of tool. A true global leader is someone who can embrace the whole world. Someone who doesn’t care about the world, cannot become a global leader. No matter how eloquent one can be in a foreign language.

To become a global leader, you must treat the world’s problems as if they were your own, and you must also have a pioneering spirit, or else there is no solution to a difficult situation. Those who are too accustomed to a guaranteed and fixed income, along with dreams of having a quiet and measured family life when they retire will not be able to become a global leader. Only someone who regards the whole world as his homeland, and all of humanity as his brothers and sisters, and who is not too worried about what the future holds for him, can become a global leader.

To begin with, we need a dream and a goal. Dare to dream things that others can’t even think about! Set real, meaningful goals and become global leaders with the potential to benefit humankind.

Only by thinking globally and universally will you be able to adjust to the new world.