Writing and etymology in Korean
指導 (지도) [jido] – management
者 (자) [ja] – personality

People cannot be irresponsible. But taking responsibility is by no means an easy step. The one who is in charge of a group of people must give them direction. It is impossible to become a leader without clear direction and consistency.

When we look at the countries which are trying to find a new direction, we see that now they need a leader who will take the role of a leader. Therefore, pioneers must emerge, capable of handling a difficult mission to achieve a new goal in history.

A major trend in history is that many people want to become leaders of the state and take charge of the country based on personal considerations. In addition, they want to lead the whole world. Nevertheless, all these people must first pass through the gates of the family, then go to the level of the nation and only then to the levels of the country and the world. Only then can they become true world leaders. To take a world position is to be number one.

Be more unselfish! What does this mean? The one who is more altruistic becomes the leader. Among the ten people, the one who loves the others and lives for the other nine takes center stage. They will all go searching for such a person. People think that living for others is not good. However, in this way, you take center stage and become a leader. This is why you need to understand the concept of living for others. It is not at all bad or unprofitable.

A leader needs to live with the feeling that he has not done enough. This is the position of the person endowed with responsibility.