Writing and etymology in Korean
位 (위) [wi] – status, position
置 (치) [chi] – establish

Billions of people live on earth today, however, as a rule, everyone focuses on themselves, instead of thinking about others. People tend to worry about their individual needs rather than think about their family first. Most people put themselves first and family second.

Some people find the solitary, purely individualistic lifestyle very attractive; it seems to them that they have freedom only because they can dispose of everything as they wish. They spend their lives wavering, today here and tomorrow there; sometimes they take their proper position, and then leave it again. However, if a person tries to establish himself anywhere other than his proper position in the Universe, then his efforts to become happy will be rejected by the forces of the Universe. Ultimately, such a person will be driven into a very unenviable position.

The position of love is not a place where we focus on ourselves, but a position where one forgets oneself. Also, the position in which a person accepts love is the place where he forgets about his existence.

Human is a social being, so we need to have responsibility in the society where we live. Our individual position is a collection of past, present and future. In educational institutions we prepare for our future in human society by specializing in certain fields. Once we complete our training, we will be in a position where we can apply our specialized knowledge.

One who takes his proper position will feel how the universal energy comes to his aid, causing his life to become more and more smooth and simple.