Writing and etymology in Korean
생활 양식
[saenghwal yangsik]
生活 (생활) – daily life
樣式 (양식) – type, style, form

People develop positive qualities through spiritual and ethical relationships with each other, but their standards of morality and social norms differ according to cultural affiliation or origin. Thus, although each person has an inherent desire to conform to the original standard of morality, we see that in reality people’s ethical standards and lifestyles can be quite different. People cannot agree on this, that is the problem.

You may think some secular law is unfair, and you may even try to change it. That’s fine, of course, but as long as the law is in effect, you have to abide by it if you want to stay free. Of the two laws, the soul and the body, the law of the soul is primarily concerned with the common good. Consequently, the law of the body must submit to the law of the soul. This is the best way to live.

If you pursue a selfish way of life, you will come to self-destruction. Forget about living only for yourself. Always check to see if your lifestyle is consistent with what God expects of you. True love is reflected in living for others.

We must not maintain vicious habits and lifestyles. We need to purify ourselves thoroughly.

Our way of life on earth will determine our eternal life. Our words, attitudes, and lifestyles should become as if we were one, with the Creator at the center.