Choosing the path of life

Writing and etymology in Korean
삶의 길 선택
[salm-ui gil seontaeg]
生 (삶) [salm] – life
道 (길) [gil] – path
選擇 (선택) [seontaeg] – choosing

Everyone has ups and downs in life, but for the most part, we prefer to live like everyone else. Everyone strives to find their own style of behavior and thinking that conforms to societal norms and the laws of the country. But simply following the “can” and “cannot” is not enough. One must have a certain ideal.

It may seem that our society is dominated by prohibitions on exactly what we would like to do and by compulsion to do what we would prefer to avoid. Obviously, it is much easier to do what we are not supposed to do, and people tend to do it. Good deeds are always much harder to do.

That being the case, it is easy to lead a bad life and much harder to lead a righteous one. But if you ask people whether they prefer the good life or the bad life, hardly anyone will choose the bad one.

What should a person do while he lives? Is his responsibility limited to maintaining his existence? Humans think they are better than animals, but how are they different? Animals give life to their offspring and take care of their cubs no less than humans do, and sometimes even perform their parental duties more conscientiously than humans do.

What is precious about a human being? Maybe it’s his eyes or his ears, his knowledge or his powerful position? It is all very relative, and you can live without it. Life and love are the most important, and love is even more precious than life.

We have to choose our way of life, but what should it be? We must always maintain our uniqueness, our uniqueness that others would recognize and that would remain the same.

What goal would you like to achieve with pride? Money, power, or knowledge? No, you need to go higher – to true love.

Once born and having lived the time given to him, a person does not get a second life and cannot try to live it anew. If you failed to do something today, perhaps tomorrow will bring you another chance, but after death there is no second chance. We must make the best use of the life we are given.