Daily living

Writing and etymology in Korean
生 (생) [saeng] – life
活 (활) [hwal] – activity

Throughout life, people live as they wish, indulging their own desires. The word “live” refers to their daily life, but “life” refers to their whole way of life, that is, all life. In addition, believers use the word, “eternal life.” Eternal life is not just an earthly journey of life; it goes on eternally. The important thing here is how our life journey relates to eternal life. It is our lifelong responsibility. Our way of life is defined by the chain of connected days of daily life.

On what does the value of life depend? The value of life is not determined after we have lived life to the end. It is determined by our daily life from day to day. This is why we need to live with dignity. A worthy life is when we live each day with meaning. By saying that today our day went well, we mean that today was a meaningful day that we can be proud of. The day we say we lived it well will surely be the most precious day of our lives. If we lived one worthwhile day, it will become an unforgettable day for the rest of our lives.

People who live a gray and dull daily life, fixated on themselves, see no stimulation and feel no excitement. However, if our lives are filled with God’s grace, we will feel renewed in our souls every day and see the world around us in a new way. Every morning something new happens, and every evening is different. If a person perceives life this way, he is happy.

Good and evil are not determined by what we believe or think about. They are determined by our daily lives. Where we go, to Heaven or Hell, depends not on our worldview or what teachings we hold, but on how we live each day of our lives.

No matter how difficult the circumstances, add something good to your daily life. Invest in it step by step.