Writing and etymology in Korean
地 (지) [chi] - earth, land, ground
獄 (옥) [ok] - prison

Hell came into existence through the Human Fall. It was not created by the Creator from the beginning.

How do we determine where we go, to Heaven or Hell? How religious we are is irrelevant. The answer is simple: if we have lived mostly for ourselves, we will go to hell. On the other hand, if the balance of our lives tilts at least one percent in favor of public service, we can overcome hell and go to Heaven.

Misappropriation, destruction, and fraud have led to hatred and lies. By tarnishing ourselves with any of these vices, we will end up in hell.

Imagine breathing only one-tenth of the air you need through your nostrils and one-tenth through your mouth. That’s the real hell! Hell is nothing more than the inability to get what you want to get and the inability to give what you would like to give.

In hell, man is alone, cut off from everyone else. There he cannot do anything he aspires to do. Intuitively, he sees and senses the existence of a vast sphere of happiness in the universe, but he can’t move even an inch.

Hell is flooded with people who are proud of their power, money, and themselves. The original human soul wants to love and be loved, and strives for good. People living in hell do exactly the opposite and are in constant conflict. But living in hell does not destroy the desire to be loved; in fact, the desire to receive love becomes even stronger.

How do we stop the war within ourselves and achieve peace of mind and peace. This is a critical point. If we don’t, we will still be living in hell, even if peace prevails on earth.