Writing and etymology in Korean
鬪 (투) – fight
爭 (쟁) – dispute

All the nations of the world were formed, as a result of conflict. In numerous instances, when two countries have been separated by borders, this separation has been the cause of pain and resentment. We all know that historically the most violent and bloody battles have erupted between neighboring states, not between third or fourth countries. Any of you know that most often quarrels break out between neighbors and most intimate people.

A husband and wife should not quarrel. Conflicts between them cause nothing but trouble.

As long as people think only of their interests or the interests of their country, those interests will come into conflict with each other, and unity and peace will have no place there. If both sides insist on each other’s position, the situation will definitely degenerate into conflict again. Winning over someone is not through conflict, but through caring for someone from the position of a parent.

Before we complain about wars, conflict, and lack of peace on earth, we should look at ourselves and consider whether we ourselves have achieved unity between soul and body, whether we have become the starting point of peace on earth and whether the Creator is the focal point of our efforts to achieve peace.

Where there is love, there is no place for conflicts. Only through love, capable of loving that which is impossible to love, will we be able to find the right direction and deal with the intractable conflicts that are corroding our age. When we truly understand the Heavenly Parent and His true love, it will become obvious to us that our sorrowful world of sin and conflict is not the world He intended.

We must hold to positions of kindness, avoid mutual conflicts, and be able to reach harmony and agreement with others always and everywhere.