Writing and etymology in Korean
年 (연) [yeon] - year
齡 (령) [ryon] - age

Life passes very quickly. We reach a certain age and gain experience, and suddenly we find ourselves in our forties or fifties! Before you know it, a decade has passed. Another ten years like one second and you’re sixty! After sixty you are seventy. In one moment!

Man gradually changes from an infant to an adult, and then marries and becomes a parent. Through the gradual growth of man, the Creator wants to see the embodiment of His own long process of growth from youth to maturity, and then to adulthood. In this way, each child is the embodiment of God’s invisible past. The experiences that the child and his upright Parent share with each other fuse them together.

What do you think is the most appropriate age for marriage? It’s the time when one’s soul and body are at their strongest. When the time of youth passes, the vitality of a person gradually begins to wane and no matter how pure his heart is, it becomes difficult to look for a life partner.

God likes all ages in men, like the seasons, from childhood and youth to maturity and old age.

Do not be sorry when you think of your age. Don’t give up hope, even if you still haven’t reached your desired ideal. Instead, reflect on your life so that you can put even more effort and be more willing to serve your people, country and the world. Think of it this way: “There is still so much to do! We need to move forward and not complain about age.”