Writing and etymology in Korean
靑 (청) – green
年 (년) – year

Youth is the most important and beautiful period in our lives. The time when a person is preparing for the future should be imbued with tranquility and order. The process of growing and maturing becomes a foundation for us, opening the way to a new era.

We were all created to be great. Heavenly Parent sent each of us into the world for a purpose. In creating us, He put every drop of His love into every person. That is why we are all created to do great things, and that is why we can do anything.

It is very rare in our day to find young people who are passionate and ardent about their lives. Too many of them walk around aimlessly, having no idea why they are living and what lies ahead. Yet, all of history’s greatest figures had a clearly defined purpose from birth. Since childhood, they nurtured this dream in their hearts and worked hard to achieve it.

The weakness of young people is that their thoughts go in all directions at once, like the branches of a tree. They are overly receptive and hasty, prone to jump to conclusions. However, they can be difficult to understand themselves.

In transitional age feels like the king of the world. At this time, want to turn everything in their own way. And want to defy everyone around them. Not finding understanding, young people may well go the wrong way. That is why there are so many problems with youth around the world today.

If a person works hard in his youth, it guarantees him hope for the future. Is it possible to straighten an old tree? It is imperative to correct yourself when you are young.

Young people are at a crossroads between good and evil. Making one wrong step, a person can collapse into a deep pit. Even though it is not easy, it is still necessary to take steps that will allow you to maintain your dignity. It is necessary to watch every step you take. Be careful when walking on an icy road!