Writing and etymology in Korean
成 (성) – achievement
熟 (숙) – ripe

What is the most important period in people’s life? Not childhood. It is the time of transition from youth to maturity, that is, somewhere between the ages of twenty and forty. Especially in the twenties, before the age of thirty, when man must lay the foundation for his future activities and establish a firm foundation in life. He must also create the conditions necessary to develop and achieve his goals. If man has not done this, he will live a mediocre, unremarkable life and achieve nothing by the age of 30–40.

Everything was created to grow, obeying natural law, and, when mature, to become an object that brings joy to the Creator. Man was not created perfect. To reach full maturity, he must complete a period of development.

Parents take care of us until we create a family of our own. In marriage, we inherit the love of our father and mother in their life together. When we have children and surround them with care, we begin to understand how we were loved by our parents and thus inherit parental love. Through this process, we grow and gain the ability to give and receive love fully. Thus, each of us reaches maturity and becomes a perfect man or a perfect woman.

If your character is not mature enough, use the experiences of others to make up for your shortcomings. Listen to others, absorb others’ experiences, and strengthen your character with them.

Mankind needs true parents, true teachers, and true owners who are capable of raising leaders with mature moral character and spirituality.

The goal of our lives is to reach maturity in love, to build cordial relationships with one another, and to realize harmony and peace.