Writing and etymology in Korean

There is an old saying, “Women are weak, but mothers are strong.” A woman herself may be weak, but as a mother she occupies the position of a subject of love, or as a wife or daughter the position of the center of love. This makes her strong.

Once born, the child naturally seeks the mother’s breast, following the vibrations of her love. No matter how beautiful the woman is, she is his mother, and that is the most important thing for the baby. It is indeed an unique, harmonious and divine image.

The fiery heart of a mother embracing her baby, nurturing him and breastfeeding him is such that even if the baby poops,pees, even if he smells bad, the mother will not pay attention to it thanks to her love.

A mother’s beauty: graceful, noble, heartfelt, delicate, tender and passionate.

A mother’s love is soft and peaceful. Children experience their mother’s love as graceful and warm beauty. No matter how much a father loves a child, a father’s love does not compare to a mother’s.

A mother constantly remembers her children, even when she goes to the market; there she thinks of something else to buy for them. Such parental love is closest to the original love that the Creator instilled in us.

The mother is the fortress that protects the family. No matter how society changes, the family will remain healthy and strong only if the mother is willing to serve others and sacrifice herself. Only in such a family can wonderful children be raised. The most important thing in raising children is the example they see at home, in the family.