Writing and etymology in Korean

The word “father” is related to the concepts of “love” and “bloodline. Blood gives birth to life. Accordingly, the relationship between father and child is a blood tie.

The love a father gives his children does not always manifest itself as calm and warm. If the children do not obey his instructions, he severely reprimands them. Understandably, the children may not like it, but later they will feel gratitude. Love is not always warm, like spring, sometimes it is strict, like winter.

Suppose a child has made a mistake and comes home expecting to be severely punished by his father. Then suddenly the father forgives the child, saying, “It’s all right.” In this case, the child may feel that his father is as beautiful as the wide ocean. It is a generous beauty. Thus, when children receive different kinds of love from their father, they experience different nuances of beauty accordingly.

A father’s beauty: strict, benevolent, generous, serious, deep; an awe-inspiring beauty.

A father should be his child’s best friend. When the father comes home, the child immediately runs to him, even if he was playing with friends before. The father should also become the best teacher for his child and take central place in his soul.

In the family, the father occupies the position of the subject; he must be at the center and must not lose his position. That place is the position of God. If there is a lack of harmony in the family, the father is responsible for that.