Writing and etymology in Korean

혈 [hyeol] (sino-korean)

The human body is made up of 40 billion cells connected by a circulatory system that is in constant motion as blood circulates continuously through arteries and veins.

Blood flows from the heart through the arteries and through the veins and back again. You do not see this because this movement is natural. How does the blood flow in our veins: of its volition or because it is pushed? Of course, it is being pushed. Look at the flow of the blood: whether it wants to move or not, it will still come inside one big heart.

The blood has to circulate not only upward, but also downward. It goes all the way through. The blood that has just been in the feet of the feet rushes to the head. This example illustrates the principles of heaven and earth. Those at the top must go down, and those at the bottom must go up. Likewise, since we circulate throughout the universe, there should be no discrimination between people.

All people are the same. Everyone’s blood is the same color, our bones, and flesh look the same, too. We all have the capacity to love. Therefore, there can be no racial discrimination in the world.