Giving and receiving

Writing and etymology in Korean
授 (수) [su] – to give
受 (수) [su] – to receive

What is the heavenly law of the universe? What is the law of existence? This law is the law of giving and receiving. Every movement arises according to the principle of giving and receiving.

For giving and receiving to continue uninterrupted, subject and object must strive for the same goal beneficial to both of them. If these conditions are not satisfied, there will be no action. This is the immutable rule and law of the universe’s existence.

What is primary in the actions of giving and receiving – giving or receiving? Giving comes first. The movement in the universe began with the action of giving. Who invests first-parents in children or children in parents? Parents give first. So, logically, the action of giving has its origin in the source of everything that exists, and then it is passed down the chain to us.

Unity arises where people invest creative energy, that is, where there is giving. It cannot be achieved where people mainly want to receive. Receiving is good, but only if you receive something, add something of yourself and give even more than you received.

The more we love, the more love we receive. Thus, our contribution will bring us a double return and even more. If we live this way, we will surely succeed in life.