Laws of nature

Writing and etymology in Korean
自然 (자연) – nature
法則 (법칙) – law, rule

Laws are needed to prevent the destruction of what needs to be protected. There are laws of nature to protect the universe from destruction. In the same way, all countries have laws to protect society from destruction. If we understand the purpose of laws, we recognize the necessity of following them.

The laws of nature are absolute. If we break these laws, it will lead us to self-destruction and doom. Any nation that flouts the laws of nature will disappear from the Earth.

Whether we like it or not, human life is subject to a certain cycle: we grow old, return to our original state, decaying into elements, and our place is taken by new people coming into the world. This is the cycle of humanity’s life, development, and multiplication. Everything in creation lives and functions within its clearly limited framework, following the laws of nature, which dictate the cycle of development.

The formulas hidden in the laws have made possible the development of our technological civilization. Whether a scientific idea is accepted as a law depends on the extent to which it can be applied in its field. Likewise, in our spiritual lives, we must not rely on blind faith. God always exercises His providence through clear and explicit laws, so we need to understand these formulas.

A man who ignores the laws is arrogant. We have to put an end to behavior that goes against the laws and norms that each person must follow, depending on position and circumstance.